Red Rose Mushroom WG

Tune:  "The Rose"

Size4.5" High x 4.0" Wide

The Red Rose Mushroom Water Globe by the San Francisco Music Box Company encapsulates timeless elegance and heartfelt sentiment. Nestled within a unique 100mm half-globe shape rests a stunning, lifelike red rose, a symbol of love and passion. This exquisite piece stands at 4.5" high atop a beautiful satin-finish wood-tone resin base, adding a touch of sophistication to any environment.

With an 18 note musical movement encased within, the globe plays the soul-stirring melody of "The Rose," evoking emotions of tenderness and romance. Inside, multi-toned square iridescent flakes shimmer gently, enhancing the mesmerizing effect of the centerpiece. The vibrant red rose remains the focal point, captivating with its vivid hues and delicate details, though it remains stationary within the globe.

Versatile in its charm, this water globe measures 4.0" across at the base, making it an enchanting addition to both formal and informal settings. Whether as a gift for a cherished loved one or a cherished personal keepsake, the Red Rose Mushroom Water Globe is an enduring symbol of affection and admiration, embodying the essence of love in a tangible, captivating form.