Hearts & Roses Rocking Horse

Tune:  Au Clair de la Lune

Size7.5” Tall

The Hearts & Roses Rocking Horse is an exquisite piece that combines elegance and charm in a delightful musical carousel. Standing at a graceful 7.5 inches tall, this masterpiece showcases intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail. Made from resin, it exudes top-notch quality, ensuring lasting beauty.

Its enchanting design features beautiful flower and pearl detailing, set against a backdrop of soft pastels on creamy white, creating a captivating visual allure. Each element is meticulously hand-sculpted and hand-painted, adding a unique touch to every piece.

The highlight of this enchanting creation is its ability to evoke nostalgia through the 18-note musical movement wind-up that plays the classic melody "Au Claire de la Lune." As the melody fills the air, the rocking horse gracefully sways back and forth, adding a whimsical charm to its already mesmerizing presence.

This carousel horse is a true testament to the artistry and dedication put into its creation. Whether as a collector's item, a decorative accent, or a cherished gift, the Hearts & Roses Rocking Horse captures the essence of beauty, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance.