The Phantom™ and Christine Hinged Trinket Box

If you or a loved one is a fan of the classic The Phantom of the Opera, then this beautiful The Phantom and Christine Hinged Trinket Box is going to be a must-have for the next special occasion where you need to have the perfect gift. With great colors that are accurate to the classic musical, this music box is going to put you right in the moment with 18 note movement of "Music of the Night" playing when you open it. With a rich sound and a dancing Christine and The Phantom inside, you'll be treated to the real experience of a keepsake.

This trinket box is perfectly crafted with sculpting and painting done by hand to give an accurate and human feel to its creation, ensuring that each box has the perfect detailing to give it the authenticity that you're looking for. Due to its careful construction, this is not a toy, but a collector's item for all those who enjoy the beloved Phantom of the Opera story.

This box is also going to make itself useful with the generous space inside that makes it great for keys or rings or other must-haves that you want to store nearby without using a catch-all basket or bowl. This will allow you to do it in style that is specific to your favorite musical. One look at this and you can see how it will make the ideal gift.


    • Tune: "Music of the Night"
    • 18 note movement
    • Hand sculpted and hand painted for authenticity and quality guarantees over time
    • The Phantom of the Opera Copyright 1986 The Really Useful Group Ltd.

Tune: "Music Of The Night", 4"H