TwirlyTunes™ Kitty & Puppy Wooden Music Box

Twirlytunes Kitty and Puppy Music Jewelry Box Plays the Tune: "Old MacDonald Had a Farm", 18 note movement. Figurines twirl and rotate as the music plays. Wood box hand crafted for excellent detail and quality. Dimensions: Top to Bottom: 4.33 Inches. Side to Side: 4.53 Inches. Front to Back: 4.53 Inches. Great for storing jewelry or small trinkets!

  • 18 Note movement.
  • Tune: Old Mac Donald Had a Farm.
  • Figurines twirl and rotate.
  • Hand-painted.  Hand-sculpted.
  • Dimensions: -4.33 H x 4.53 W x 4.53 D

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