Twirls & Swirls Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Girly purplish-pink ballerina and floral design. Outside features a sizeable side drawer at each end (two drawers). Inside features a ballerina that gently spins in front of the mirror as the music plays. 18-note musical movement plays the tune: "Swan Lake". Winds-up in back. Plays when the lid is opened. Open storage plus ring sections inside. Sturdy composite wood (MDF) covered with high-quality art paper. Very-well finished.  This beautiful jewelry box is pink with a ballerina twirling about to music.

  • Comes in a SFMB's pink and white striped gift box. Medium, 6.5" tall x 8" wide x 6" deep at bottom.
  • 18 Note movement.
  • Tune: Swan Lake.
  • Twirling ballerina inside.  Hand-painted.  Hand-sculpted.
  • Dimensions: 6 H x 7.88 W x 5.95 D

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