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100 MM Butterfly with Flowers Water Globe

Tune:  "Polonaise"

Size5.5” Tall 100MM

Transport yourself to a whimsical garden paradise with the enchanting 100mm Butterfly with Flowers Water Globe from The San Francisco Music Box. Within this captivating globe, a delicate butterfly gracefully perches atop a blooming pink flower, exuding an air of serene elegance. The base, a vision in white, is adorned with intricately crafted pink flowers and fluttering purple butterflies, further enhancing its charm.

As you wind it up, the melodic tune of "Polonaise" plays, carried by an 18-note movement, filling the air with its soothing melody. Standing at 5.5 inches tall and measuring 100mm in size, this mesmerizing globe captures the essence of nature's beauty in a delightful and musical display. It's a harmonious blend of artistry, melody, and the gentle allure of a butterfly amidst a bed of flowers, inviting you to revel in its tranquil allure.