Ballerina with Hearts Music Box

Tune:  "Swan Lake"

Size3.5” Tall x 6” Wide

The Ballerina with Hearts Music Box is a charming ode to elegance and grace. Standing at 3.5 inches tall and expanding to a 6-inch width when closed, this intricately designed music box captivates with its delightful features.

As you open the lid, you're greeted by a captivating sight: a twirling ballerina gracefully spinning to the classic tune of "Swan Lake." Her delicate movements are encased within the box, adding a touch of mesmerizing beauty to any space.

The box itself is adorned with exquisite details—a ballerina adorned on top, frozen in a moment of graceful movement, surrounded by an array of intricately crafted hearts. Each element is meticulously designed to evoke a sense of romance and passion for dance.

Crafted for those who hold a deep appreciation for dance, this music box is a perfect gift. Whether it's for a budding ballerina, a seasoned dancer, or simply someone who cherishes the beauty of movement and melody, this enchanting music box is sure to capture their heart. Its charming design and the timeless melody of "Swan Lake" make it a treasure that will be cherished for years to come.