Carolers with Tree Top and Village Base Snow Globe

Tune:  “We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Size:   100MM 9.5” Tall

Our enchanting Carolers Snow Globe with a Christmas Village Base and a beautiful Christmas Tree Top, the perfect addition to your holiday décor! This 100MM snow globe is not just a decoration; it's a captivating, musical winter wonderland that will fill your home with the spirit of Christmas.

Musical Magic: Turn the key and let the joyous melodies of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" serenade your heart, making your holiday season truly magical.

Charming Carolers: Inside the crystal-clear globe, you'll discover a heartwarming scene featuring three carolers beautifully dressed in festive attire. They stand in harmony, bringing to life the timeless tradition of singing carols on a wintry night.

Whimsical Village: The globe sits atop a charming Christmas village base that evokes the spirit of a cozy, snow-covered hamlet. Nestled beneath the globe is a collection of tiny houses, a delightful church with exquisite architectural details, and a blanket of glistening white snow. This miniature village captures the essence of Christmas and the warmth of community.

Majestic Christmas Tree: To complete the enchantment, our snow globe features a majestic Christmas tree topping the globe. Its branches are adorned with delicate ornaments, and a shimmering star crowns the tree, radiating holiday cheer.

Impeccable Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision, this snow globe is designed with attention to detail and exudes quality. The intricate scenes, the vibrant colors, and the glossy finish all combine to create a stunning holiday centerpiece.

Size: Measuring 9.5 inches in height and 5.5 inches in width at the base, this snow globe is substantial enough to make a statement on your mantel, table, or as a lovely centerpiece for your holiday decorations.

Timeless Elegance: Our Carolers Snow Globe with a Village Base and Christmas Tree Top is more than just a holiday decoration; it's a timeless piece of art that you'll treasure year after year.

This delightful snow globe captures the essence of Christmas, transporting you to a world of harmony, joy, and the enchantment of the holiday season. Whether you're adding it to your own holiday collection or giving it as a thoughtful gift, this snow globe is sure to bring a touch of magic and merriment to your Christmas celebrations. Embrace the holiday spirit with the Carolers Snow Globe – a cherished keepsake that will make your home shine with the magic of Christmas.