Musical Lighted Nativity Scene Frame

Tune:  8 assorted songs

Size7.5“ tall x 9.5” wide

Musical Lighted Nativity Scene Frame – an enchanting and harmonious addition to your Christmas decor that will captivate hearts and spread the joy of the holiday season. This exquisite piece of art combines the timeless tradition of the Nativity scene with modern technology to create a truly magical display.

Measuring a modest 9.5 inches in width and 7.5 inches in height, this charming Nativity scene frame is designed to fit seamlessly into any home's holiday decor. Its compact size makes it versatile, allowing you to place it on a tabletop, mantle, or even a special shelf. This frame is not merely an ornament but an artful masterpiece that will steal the spotlight amidst your Christmas decorations.

The magic truly begins when you activate the integrated musical and lighting features. With the option to choose between music on or off, you can create the perfect ambiance to match your festive mood. When you decide to indulge in its harmonious melodies, you'll be delighted to discover that it plays a selection of eight assorted songs that celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Let the melodies fill your home, creating an atmosphere of joy, warmth, and love.

But the enchantment doesn't stop there. Within the frame, a mesmerizing water display comes to life, adorned with sparkling glitter that dances and shimmers like freshly fallen snow. This dynamic element adds a touch of wonder, making this Nativity scene an absolute showstopper.

The Nativity scene itself is meticulously crafted, with intricate details that pay homage to the story of the birth of Jesus. Every figure is lovingly rendered, evoking a sense of serenity and reverence. The soft, warm glow from the frame's lights bathes the scene in a gentle radiance, highlighting the significance of the moment.

As you gaze upon this Musical Lighted Nativity Scene Frame, you'll be struck by its ability to tell a timeless story through music, light, and art. Whether you're starting a new holiday tradition or expanding your existing collection, this piece is a beautiful addition that will infuse your home with the magic and meaning of Christmas. It's not just a decoration; it's a cherished symbol of faith, love, and the joy of the holiday season.