Hearts and Roses 3 Horse Carousel

There are a lot of classics in life that exist solely for the purpose of giving us enjoyment and this Hearts and Roses 3 Horse Carousel is soon going to join the ranks perfectly. This quality made, hand sculpted music box is going to offer a realistic look into the way that things used to be back in a time where artistry was celebrated and possessions were treasured throughout generations. For a touch of the old times, you'll want to choose this for all of the positives that it's going to bring.

This wind up music box features an 18 note movement and the carousel will glide around in a circle in a fluid fashion with its horses keeping time. This gorgeous hand painted carousel is perfect as a gift for a loved one who enjoys the finer things in life, or as a special something for a little girl in your life to have growing up and beyond. This is not a toy, but a collector's item so it makes the perfect keepsake.

Great for dressing up a room and adding some charismatic flair to your home, the color scheme is just neutral enough to be put in any spot that you choose and it will simple bump up the look of it with no extra effort needed from you.

In order to get the true effect of this carousel, you need to see its quality with your own eyes. It will truly blow you away.

    • Tune: Carousel Waltz
    • Features an 18 note movement
    • Hand painted and hand sculpted
    • Exquisite detailing