Santa and Reindeer Snow Globe

Tune:  “Jolly Old Saint Nick

Size:   120MM 6” Tall

Introducing our enchanting Santa and Reindeer 120mm Snow Globe, a heartwarming holiday keepsake that encapsulates the timeless magic of Christmas. Standing at approximately 6 inches in height, this meticulously crafted snow globe is a true masterpiece. The tune of "Jolly Old Saint Nick," played by an 18-note movement when wound-up, sets the perfect festive ambiance.

Every detail of this snow globe is handcrafted and hand-painted with the utmost care, making it a true work of art. Inside the glass globe, you'll find the classic scene of Santa Claus, resplendent in his iconic red suit, merrily carrying his sack of gifts as he traverses the snowy landscape, lantern in hand, and his loyal reindeer companion at his side. The backdrop showcases a serene forest of wintry trees, a testament to the tranquil beauty of a snowy Christmas night.

The large base is an exquisite canvas, featuring the wonderfully hand-painted sleigh, being gracefully pulled through the woods by Santa's devoted reindeer team. As you shake the globe, a flurry of delicate snowflakes dances around this charming tableau, creating a truly mesmerizing winter wonderland.

This Santa and Reindeer Snow Globe is not just a delightful decoration; it's a treasured gift for the holiday season. Whether you're looking to add a touch of holiday spirit to your own home or to surprise a loved one, this snow globe is the perfect choice. Let the soothing notes of "Jolly Old Saint Nick" and the captivating scene inside transport you to the heart of a magical Christmas. Celebrate the season with this exquisite 120mm snow globe – a cherished symbol of the joy and wonder that the holidays bring.